Guest Posts


We asked you to write a guest post because your work is worth sharing with the world. We believe that you are an innovator, maker, designer. Before you get too into you post please read out guidelines. We are very protective of our content and we want you to be aware of our standards.

Word Count - 500 to 2000 words

We don’t care so much about the length of the post as we do about the quality of the post. We want users to feel like they gained something from reading your content.

If you need a word counter we found that  is sufficient. 

Quality Pictures - At least 3

Users love great pictures. We ask for at least 3 photos, but most posts will require much more to help users understand how to follow your work. As a rule of thumb as a friend if they would be able to follow your work just from the pictures, no words. If they are a little confused then you probably need a couple more photos to help smooth out some of the voids. If you need to brush up on photography check out this article. 

Also, we have had a lot of success with using the snapseed (IOS | Android) app for touching up photos that you take on your phone.

 Bio - 1 profile picture, 3 sentences about yourself, links

Our readers want to know who provided post. They may assume that a guest post was written by us. To avoid this confusion we provide a bio. A bio contains a picture of you and only you, a three sentence biography, and any links to your website, twitter, etc. 

The profile picture - A lot of research has gone into what makes a good profile picture. These are what some of the takeaways are:


  • Smile
  • Try a bright background. Not required.


  • Eye obstructions - Sunglasses, hair
  • Laughing Smile
  • Sexiness - Conservative pictures win in attractiveness, friendliness, and competence. 

Example of a good profile pic:

Example of a good profile picture


Three sentence bio - The purpose of you bio is to drive traffic and links to your website/store/social media. We know that your story is too complex to summarize in a couple phrases. The goal is to get readers hungry for more of you. Keep it focused, fun, and interesting. Let your personality shine. 

Example of a good bio:

Ashley is a writer who loves all things health, fitness, and wellness. When she's not exploring the woods of Mt. Hood she is reading a good book in sweats and sipping on a cup of coco. Follow her on Instagram @AshleycocoaMtHood.


We like to give our guest posters 10 days to provide all content. If this is not enough please let us know we don’t have a problem extending the deadline. We want your work to bloom even if it takes a little extra time.

We reserve the right to edit.

Your work should be presented in its most polished form. Even though we know you have proof read you post many times sometimes typos still sneak in. We err on the side of under editing guest posts.