My Favorite Stock Photography Shops

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My Favorite Stock Photography Shops

Potential customers judge your business by how it looks. Stock photography images are useful for making your store or social media more attractive. I used to try to take my own photographs for my business, but I have found taking my own images is ineffective. I believe that stock photography has played a crucial role in my business. High quality images have made a difference in how customers view my brand. The problem is that finding stock photography is time consuming. I have spent hours looking for images that both match my style and that is within a reasonable price range. I wanted to share some little gems that I have found so you don’t have to spend hours sifting through the internet to find great images.

Check out some of my go-to stock photography shops!

1) Kate Max Stock -

Kate Max Stock was the very first stock photography I ever used. Her prices are very affordable and her items are cute. She is so talented. All of the picture frames I have ever used have come from her. She has recently created her own website and now has a subscription service which she calls a "membership library". You can also buy her images individually. I love that you have the choice. She has a very large variety of photos for different occasions and color schemes. She is fantastic and so is her work.

2) SC Stockshop -

The SC Stockshop was the second stock photography shop that I used. As my business started to grow I wanted more high resolution items. I also wanted to start branding my business more. This is when I found Shay and her SC Stockshop through Instagram. Shay is amazing. She is mega talented and not to mention just an overall kind hearted person. I love following her both on her business account and personal account. She always has uplifting messages that brighten my day. Her stock photography is great. She organizes her shop by color. This is very helpful because when you are branding you business, it is normally through color. She sells individual images as well as collections. A collection will consist of 4 images.

Her items are more expensive, but for the quality of her work it is totally worth it. You can also sign up for her newsletter and when you do you get free monthly images. And those images are beautiful and elegant. So go sign up for her newsletter for free pretty gifts to your inbox every month.

3) UpStyled Shop-

This is the stock photography shop that I use for my coffee mugs and tote bag displays. I love all of her displays because the are beautiful and very easy to use. They include instructions which is so helpful for first time users, which I was at the time. They also have stock photo items for items around the house such as pillow, wall displays, and notebooks. Their photos are quality and eye catching so you can nicely display the products in your shop.

These are the main three styled stock shops that I use. They have put a lot of time and effort into their craft and I could not be more grateful for their talent. Using stock photography has changed the way I do business. It has also saved me a lot of time because now I don't have to do the styling or photography myself. I would highly recommend using stock photography to grow any business.