8 Of My Daily Habit Hacks

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8 Of My Daily Habit Hacks

I am a firm believer that discipline is happiness. I think that anyone can start developing willpower starting with baby steps. After putting good habits in place you can look back on every day and be impressed with how much you have accomplished.

This is my personal routine. Feel free to copy, modify, or disregard it.

Morning Routine

1. Wake up at 5am

I get an early start to the day it gives me time to think, read, plan, prepare, etc. 

2. Always have a todo list. 

This is a short list of things that I will get done. I learned how to schedule todo lists from 7 Habbits of Highly Effective Teens (Amazon Affiliate Link) many years ago. It involves the following tasks:

Make a short list of the things that you want to accomplish.

Prioritize the list with letters. For items that are about the same priority level repeat the letter. For example, you can have multiple "A's". 

If you have multiple letters then number them by what is most important.

Finally, find a place to put your todos in your schedule starting with the most important thing first. If tow things are of similar importance do the more difficult thing first.

3. Measure What You Want to Improve

When performance is measure, performance improves. I care about maintaining a good weight and money. There are two parts to how I measure what I want to improve.

1. I recored my current weight/savings.

2. I plan exactly how many calories I will eat and how much money I will spend that day. Not a calorie comes in or a dollar leaves that is not accounted for.

4. Read to Learn

Read for education. If you are running a business learn about business by reading biographies and good business books. I am currently reading The Lean Start Up (Amazon Affiliate Link). 

5. Exercise 

I used to run, but lately I have been enjoying a good 30min walk in the morning. I have an audible account so I usually listen to a biography while I am walking on a beautiful trail by my apartment. 

6. Self Image

This includes a shower, getting dressed, and groomed. I do this even if I am not going anywhere. Even if I know no one is going to see me. I am going to see me. Have a good personal appearance improves my impression of myself. 

By this time it is usually 8:00am. I go about my day and stick to my plan.

Night routine

7. Accountability at 8pm

I have an alarm that goes off on my phone at 8pm. I open up my book and check items off my todo list. Total my calories and expenses and plans for the next day. I also review my progress on my "moral perfection" goal.

8. Moral Perfection

I just started doing this 3 months ago. While listening to the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin I found out that he kept a "moral perfection" journal. In this journal he had rows of virtues that he would want to improve on and columns of the days of the week. At the end of the day he would put a dot on the cell that represented the virtue for that day if he did not live up to it. He would pick one virtue to live with no errors each week. I started doing this also. It has been a lot of fun to think about what virtues are meaningful to me and what virtues I struggle with. I have difficulty making progress here, but I think it is better to try then to let my moral progress unaccounted for.