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Potential customers judge your business by how it looks. Stock photography images are useful for making your store or social media more attractive. I used to try to take my own photographs for my business, but I have found taking my own images is ineffective. I believe that stock photography has played a crucial role in my business. High quality images have made a difference in how customers view my brand. The problem is that finding stock photography is time consuming. I have spent hours looking for images that both match my style and that is within a reasonable price...

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Life -

I am a firm believer that discipline is happiness. I think that anyone can start developing willpower starting with baby steps. After putting good habits in place you can look back on every day and be impressed with how much you have accomplished. This is my personal routine. Feel free to copy, modify, or disregard it. Morning Routine 1. Wake up at 5am I get an early start to the day it gives me time to think, read, plan, prepare, etc.  2. Always have a todo list.  This is a short list of things that I will get done. I...

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Book Review -

There has been a lot of buzz about Marie Kondo's book, "the life-changing magic of tidying up". I decided to pick it up and take a gander. I found the book uplifting and motivational. The book is filled with many little gems that can help anyone tidy up.  The following are just 7 of my favorite quotes from the book.  1.Tidying is just a tool not the final destination The true goal should be to establish the lifestyle you want most. This comes once your house is put in order. 2. Effective tidying involves only two essential actions: discarding and deciding...

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